Have you ever backed up into someone’s vehicle while parking? Don’t you just hate that feeling of having to leave a note for someone to contact you because you damaged their vehicle (given that you actually “DO” leave a note)? Well if this has been an recurring matter for you during your time as a “licensed driver,” you may want to look into saving yourself money, time, and a good reputation by purchasing a Parking Sensor System.

How much room do I have left?

There a various types of parking sensor systems to choose from whether you are just looking for a basic system to better observe your surroundings while backing up, or a more complex system that provides you with protection for all four sides of your vehicle. No matter what, each and every system promotes better safety for you as a driver and others in your surrounding area.

Two brands that you may want to look into, depending on your budget, are Crimestopper and Steelmate USA. Both brands definitely a reliable addition to your vehicle, but of course once again it depends on what exactly you are looking for and what budget you are working with.

Crimestopper CA-5010.II Parking System

Crimestopper’s CA-5010.II has a colorful LED digital display that has a built-in buzzer which provides the driver visual and audible warnings. With a built-in intelligent warning and detection feature, this system is also compatible with vehicles that have tow hitches, spare tire racks, and any other overhangs on the rear of the vehicle. Its wide detection angle will provide a full visual for the driver to spot anything from small children to unseen parking poles.


Steel Mate PTS-800MM Parking System

Steelmate USA’s PTS-800MM is an eight-sensor front and rear parking system built for a full range protection from all directions for the driver. This parking sensor system features the same great functions as the previous product except there is a larger area covered. This is definitely beneficial when attempting to get a better visual of your blind spots and an idea of your surrounding area not only while you are reversing, but while you are driving forward as well.

Whether you are the greatest driver in the world or an individual who may have difficulty backing up from time to time, a parking sensor system would be a great long term investment on your bank account and even at times, your life.