Having the convenience of an overhead monitor in your vehicle is always a plus, especially if you have children in desperate need of some distractions. Mobile Vision recognizes the importance of overhead monitors for vehicles, and has designed something new to the car video industry that incorporates some very interesting technology. They have taken the overhead monitor and combined it with an iPad dock, turning it into an Overhead Docking Station for the iPad.

Charges & Swivels
When connected, the dock will continuously charge the iPad using the vehicles 12 volt power system. This will allow for unlimited access to the tablet even on the longest trips. The dock can also be swiveled and tilted to allow for optimal viewing angles, without having to compromise your comfort. Also, the dock can be flipped up to provide a secure storing place for your iPad while charging.

Audio Options
When it’s time to listen to the iPad’s audio there are a couple of different options when connected to the Mobile Vision Overhead Dock. If you want to have only the people watching the iPad enjoy the sound, the dock features a built-in IR transmitter for audio transmissions to the two included IR headphones. However if the whole vehicle wants to get in on the excitement, the unit also includes a continuous band FM transmitter which allows for transmissions to the vehicle’s radio.

Color Options and Compatibility
The Mobile Vision MV-IPAD2 system is available in two different colors – Gray and Cream. The docking system is compatible with all versions of the Apple iPad, ranging from the original iPad, the iPad 2, up until the newest iPad, or the iPad 3.