Sonic Egg-cellent Egg Hunt

Grab your knapsack and put on your safari hat because it is time to do some hunting! It is the start of a new month and that means that Sonic Electronix is hosting a new and exciting contest! For April 2011, you can win some free prizes by simply hunting down some hidden eggs on the website.

How to Enter and Win:
1) Search the product pages on to find a “Hidden Egg”
2) Click on the “Hidden Egg”
3) Fill our the quick form
4) Submit the form by clicking on the “Get Crackin’”

Think that’s an overwhelming task? With over 35,000 product pages, finding the product page with the “Hidden Egg” might seem near impossible. Sonic is here to help by giving you some hints that will guide your search. Head on over to the Sonic Egg-cellent Egg Hunt Page to see the status of the hunt, what items have been found, and get hints for where the eggs are hidden.

What more up-to-date information on the Egg-cellent Egg Hunt? Join the Sonic Electronix Facebook Page and get notifications of the winners, prizes, and more! Who knows what Sonic will put on their wall. Possibly more hints to find the eggs! With over $3,500 in prizes for the contest, there is no time to waste. Hop on over to Sonic Electronix and start searching for some eggs!