RE Audio Kove KV15.1

Integrating your favorite live television channels out on the open road has been a popular idea for many years. Throughout the years there have been many attempts at allowing people to watch their favorite live television shows, sports, news, and other broadcasted media right from the comfort of their vehicles. T.V. tuners were a solution that left us wanting more. Their design picked up FTA (Free To Air) signals, comparable to AM/FM radio signals for your television, often inconsistent and unreliable. Now, KVH’s TracVision A7 allows you to truly integrate a live satellite television experience – directly in your vehicle.

The TracVision uses DirectTV to broadcast its satellite television. Accommodating this service into your vehicle can be done two different ways. If you’re a current customer of DirectTV for your home satellite television you can simply add it onto your current monthly fees for an affordable rate. If you don’t have a DirectTV service at home, you can use a service designed specifically for the TracVision A7 as well.

There are multiple parts to this KVH TracVision A7. First is the receiver box. This receiver box is similar to the cable boxes you have in your home. Next you’ll need the dish. This satellite dish contours with the shape of your vehicle and can be painted to match the vehicle it’s mounted on. This military-grade satellite has been machine crafted with precision to ensure its long lasting durability. Finally, the remote will allow you to have full control over all of DirectTV’s available networking right in your vehicle. Keep in mind this package doesn’t include an LCD Monitor to watch television on, however you can hook it up to virtually any aftermarket monitor system that has an audio/video input. With the KVH TracVision A7 you’ll have the best tailgate party, or the quietest road trips you can imagine.