Pioneer TS-A1304C A-Series Car Audio Speakers

The New Year is just about here and you know what that means. Not only is it time to set those New Years resolutions again, but also car audio manufacturers from around the world are getting their new line ready for release! That means that you can start planning out your new audio system for 2011. Each year new technologies are unveiled at the CES show that set the stage for the newest and most popular items. Pioneer electronics is a leader in the mobile electronics industry and has been since the company was established in 1938. This upcoming year looks promising for Pioneer, especially with the pre-2011 release of their new A-Series speakers.

For many years now, Pioneer Car Speakers have been a standard for quality audio. That is because they offer the perfect balance between performance and affordability. The new models of this consumer friendly series offer several great improvements, but most prominent is the enhanced power handling. For example, lets consider the new Pioneer TS-A1674R 6-1/2” car speakers. They have a RMS power handling of 35 watts and a peak of 300 watts. Compare these numbers to last years model with 35 watts RMS and a peak of 220 watts. Notice the increase of the peak power handling? That means that the speakers are more capable of handling higher amounts of wattage from an aftermarket amplifier. These speakers become a perfect solution for factory replacements or for use with an aftermarket amplifier.

Great things come from Pioneer Electronics each and every year. While the A-Series speakers were released before 2011, they are offering a new sleek design and that legendary Pioneer sound that we all have grown to love. Treat your car right this year with a pair of Pioneer speakers.