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HDMI Speed Rated Cables

By David D. – Product Specialist Before I started working here at Sonic Electronix, I knew very little about HDMI Cables, I had no idea...

Monster PowerNet Gives Internet from Power Outlets

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist As more electronic devices in the home rely on the Internet to send and receive information, it can become...

TV Wall Mounts

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist When the LCD flat panel television set was introduced, it caused an incredible amount of hype around making your...

GreenPower by Monster Cable

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Green power is a new technology that is becoming increasingly popular.  For those that aren’t familiar with this exciting...

Monster Audio Cables

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor Since 1979, Monster has been the leader of the car audio cable industry. Monster audio cable makes top...