Monster Cable MP HDP 900G

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Green power is a new technology that is becoming increasingly popular.  For those that aren’t familiar with this exciting new technology, this blog becomes an exciting new opportunity to learn about how you can better protect your electronics and save money while doing so.  Green power is a term that is used for power supplies and surge protectors that can turn off particular outlets in order to cut down on electricity usage.  The reduced electricity usage results in a lower electricity bill which can add up over the course of a year.  In fact, most manufacturers are confident they their green power surge protectors will pay for them selves in the course of a year with the money that is saved.  Although there are many companies that make these money saving power units, there are a few that are especially notable for a reliable, efficient green power.

Monster Cable is one company that is most recognized for their GreenPower Power Centers.  Both the Monster MP HDP 900G and MP HDP 1850G are excellent power saving modules that can pay for themselves over the course of their life.  The HDP 900G offers protection up to 3240 Joules and often found on the average home theater set-up.  It has three switched outlets and one control outlet that will switch the outlets into the automatic energy saving mode.  The MP HDP 1850G is more likely to be found in professional or higher end home theater solutions.  It offers Monster’s HD Clean Power Stage 2, as well as Monster T2 circuitry for the best protection possible. Similar to the other green power devices, it features 3 switched outlets and 1 control outlet.  No matter how much power you have running through your power strip, power center, or surge protector, there is a GreenPower solution for you.