By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1979, Monster has been the leader of the car audio cable industry. Monster audio cable makes top performance possible for all of your consumer electronics. Monster Cable is used for connecting audio and video components in the car and at home. From computer wires, to video cables, to monster subwoofer cable, Monster Cable enables you to experience optimal picture and sound quality.

The Monster audio cable line includes the ultimate performance 400 series, the advanced performance 300 series, and the high performance 200 series. The 400 series headlines the Monster audio cable line, but all three lines feature outstanding speaker wire. Monster’s technology is patented and unparalleled in the industry. The extra investment you place into purchasing Monster cable is well worth it—you get what you pay for, and it ensures high performance from your car audio speakers and components. What’s better news is that Monster Cable announced today that they are cutting prices on high definition television cables as well as some of their HDMI cables.

Monster audio cable makes it easy to connect your sound system with their specially designed interconnects. The clarity of sound you get from the Monster audio cable interconnects will leave you fascinated. The interconnect use 3-Way Time Correct windings, which filter high, mid, and low frequencies into separate wire networks. The result is a beautiful defined sound that will leave even the most selective pair of ears satisfied.

If you are running a lot of different wires, not to worry, Monster audio cables feature exclusive Xtra Low Noise technology to minimize external signal interference. You will enjoy loud and clear sound as this technology can block up to 80dB of noise. These wires are fully insulated with special MicroFiber material to ensure long lasting high performance. The Duraflex HexMesh protective jacket gives it a slick look and extra protection against any wear and tear. Flexible but strong, these wires are sure to last.

These wires are the most efficiently designed car audio cables on the market. Monster audio cables can transfer a signal extremely quick and accurate. The patented magnetic flux tube enables a great current transfer. Better yet, the high purity copper stranding lowers resistance only further enhances the current transfer. The more you learn about the Monster audio cables, the more you realize that they are truly in a class of their own.