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Personal Review: Kicker ZX750.1 & Earthquake Subzero

Being an employee at Sonic Electronix,  it's nearly impossible to avoid buying car audio equipment.  I for one could not resist the temptation.  I indulged in the Kicker...

Introducing the AmpliFinder tool

Making Matching Easier One of the most common questions asked at Sonic Electronix is, "How do I know which amplifier I need for my subwoofer?"...

Earthquake Sound’s Best Valued Subwoofers

For those of you who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money but would love to get some bass in your car, there...

What Car Amplifier Do I Need For My Kicker CVR Subwoofer?

Continuing on our series of What Amplifier Do I Need? this week we will be matching amplifiers to Kicker’s CVR Series Subwoofers. Kicker CVR...

Earthquake’s Subzero Series Subwoofers at Sonic Electronix

Every now and then you will run into a car subwoofer that will leave you in awe with its unique design and superior structure....

Making the Earth Shake with DBXi Earthquake Sound Subwoofers

For those of you out there who are true car audio enthusiast the name Earthquake Sound is about as second nature as your...