For those of you who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money but would love to get some bass in your car, there is an answer. Sonic Electronix is proud to offer both the DB Series and the TNT Series subwoofers by Earthquake Sound. These subs are similar in price but very different in design, and we are going to highlight some key features of each series.

The TNT Series Subwoofers feature an extremely high cone excursion for maximum movement of air. The high-roll foam surround allows the speaker cone to maintain complete linear movement while moving rapidly, which assists the cone in achieving its excursion. This series is designed for anyone interested in getting an explosive sound at the most affordable price possible. The voice coils on these subs can withstand high temperatures, allowing the magnet motor structure to operate cleaner and more efficiently. Earthquake Sound has stripped the subwoofer down to its basics with the TNT series, allowing more focus on the performance and not the flashiness.

The DB Series Subwoofers are similarly priced to the TNT’s, and they offer a higher quality output that matches perfectly to any high end set of car speakers. You’ll be impressed with the DB subwoofers once you hear them. They produce hard hitting bass with smooth transient peaks. The Pulp Fiber subwoofer cone sounds excellent in lower frequencies, and produces a very smooth and transparent roll-off into higher frequencies. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, it’s easy to see that Earthquake stands behind their products. If your sound system is lacking a lower sound stage, the DB series subwoofers will fill that gap.

When it comes down to the decision, you will be happy no matter which of these car subwoofers you decide on. The TNT’s will put some bump in your trunk; while the DB’s will seamlessly fill that lower music range with quality, hard-hitting bass. Earthquake Sound has it all, so look no further.