Earthquake Sound DBXi-12D

For those of you out there who are true car audio enthusiast the name Earthquake Sound is about as second nature as your own name. Have you ever wanted a really smart person who knows a lot about math, science and mechanics to be the one building your subwoofer? Well Earthquake’s founder Joseph J. Sahyoun is just that guy. Mr. Sahyoun took his Aerospace Engineering background and decided to build a subwoofer that would not only sound loud but would perform better than it sounded, so for him it really was rocket science. His passion for music, quality and power along with his desire to push the boundaries of technology enabled Earthquake Sound to become the company that it is today, a well respected, admired, and accomplished company within the car audio world. Earthquake Sound have branched out into other forms of audio, like gaming and home audio, and have been striving in these fields since 1997. For over the last few decades they have garnished a number of awards for innovation and performance and have become proud members of organizations such as CEDIA, SEMA, and CEA. Their quality has never diminished over the years and nothing could be truer about their DBXi series car subwoofers.

The DBXi-12D series subwoofer is a superbly manufactured woofer by Earthquake Sound. With the series also available in a 10”, and 15” model, with each respective model having the option of a Single 4 ohm voice coil or a Dual 4 ohm voice coil. With these options the DBXi series will fit any application that you are seeking and will provide multi-wiring configuration to better suit your needs. The DBXi-12D subwoofer was made to last and perform with the utmost precision and clarity. The pressed pulp fiber cone material will allow for a rigid structure that will be able to handle higher power outputs but at the same time be flexible enough to reproduce sound smoothly and efficiently. A high-roll woofer rubber surround will allow the woofer more surface area thus creating a higher excursion, which means a deeper impact bass so that when your system hits those low frequencies you really do feel the music, after all the company is called Earthquake for a reason. Its die-cast aluminum basket structure and turbo propped cooling, increase the life expectancy of the subwoofer by providing a strong and durable housing and a cooling system that will always keep your subwoofer running at safe temperature levels no matter how hard you play them. The DBXi subwoofer features stitched tinsel leads for improved signal transfer giving you accurate and responsive bass, while the magnet structure ensures that the subwoofer run as efficiently as possible for days on end. The DBXi-12D is more than just your meat and potatoes subwoofer, with the ability to handle 500 watts of RMS continuous power this subwoofer will provide more than enough bass and properly welcome you to true car audio.

In the car audio industry, car subwoofers are a dime a dozen but when you bring the vision of aerospace engineering and combine it with the human necessity and longing for high quality sound reproduction the finished product is the DBXi series Earthquake Sound Car Subwoofers. So instead of getting lost in the vast abyss that is car audio, the DBXi stands out and is not easily matched by other subwoofer in its class.