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Boston Acoustics Departs from Car Audio, Buy Now and Save!

Boston Acoustics has been heavily involved in the car audio industry for 23 years. Their products have often attributed to high standards that many...

What Amplifier Do I Need For My Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer?

I couldn’t finish the What Amplifier Do I Need? series without talking about one of the best square subwoofers in the car audio industry,...

DLS X-Program Subwoofers Give You Bass and Quality

DLS is known for making outstanding drivers that are engineered with precision and ridiculously high standards. They are also known for being able to...

DLS Performance Series Amplifiers Out Perform the Rest

DLS is one of the top car audio companies in the world and are considered a premium, high-end manufacturer within the car audio...

DLS Car Speakers and What Makes Them Sound Solutions

Car Audio Speakers encompass a wide variety. They can come in different sizes, with different power handlings and price ranges. With all...

DLS Visits Sonic Electronix

To stay up to date and well educated about the products that they carry, Sonic Electronix hosts trainings from the manufacturers. Recently, the Swedish...