DLS Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

To stay up to date and well educated about the products that they carry, Sonic Electronix hosts trainings from the manufacturers. Recently, the Swedish company DLS came to visit Sonic and teach them about their speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, as well as their X-Program line.

High-Performance Speakers

DLS Performance Speakers at Sonic ElectronixDLS makes speakers for those that are serious about their sound. Whether you are looking at their entry-level, mid, or high-end speakers, you can be confident that you are getting a professionally built speaker. Sonic learned that the same engineers that are designing the Audiophile Gothia 6.3 component system are also designing the entry-level Performance K6 speakers. The majority of the engineering and development goes into the crossovers. In fact, DLS offers some of the most audiophile car crossovers that the industry has to offer. No matter what the budget, DLS car speakers ensures the best sound quality possible.

No Listening Fatigue

DLS Tweeters at Sonic ElectronixThe DLS team develops speakers that do not result in listener fatigue. Unlike some speakers that can play loud and make ears bleed, DLS speakers can be played loud all day long without causing the listener pain in the ears. The result is louder music that the listener can enjoy for longer periods of time. Part of this is the use of silk dome tweeters. From entry to audiophile, every DLS speaker is comprised of a silk dome tweeter.

X-Program: A Sonic Exclusive

DLS Speakers at Sonic Electronix Sonic Electronix is proud to be the exclusive North American dealer for DLS X-Program. This line of car audio products offers the same DLS quality and engineering, but with a more exclusive look. As an example, the DLS X-Program X-SD62 is a 2-way component system with a low price. However, once the system is hooked up to the appropriate amplifier, these speakers come to life and rival systems two or three times its price. Other speakers, such as the DLS X-Program X-SA62, feature massive crossovers and more luxurious materials that produce sound so clear and detailed, you could only dream of how nice it sounds.

Visit the DLS Store at Sonic Electronix for the entire line of this internationally recognized and IASCA and EMMA winning company.