DLS Gothia 6.3

Car Audio Speakers encompass a wide variety. They can come in different sizes, with different power handlings and price ranges. With all of the brands that Sonic Electronix carries it’s good to know a thing or two about the manufacturer behind the Speaker. DLS takes great pride in their Speakers and recently stopped by Sonic Electronix to talk about a product their Swedish engineers painstakingly designed and constructed to the highest quality standards.

DLS was established in 1979 by first manufacturing in the communications industry. After they manufacturer for some time, in 1985 the manufacturers had new ideas about expanding into the Car Audio industry. In 1986 their first lineup for loudspeakers and amplifiers were produced for the Swedish market. Competing against other reputable brands also found on Sonic Electronix, DLS had a tough job introducing itself into the industry. Soon enough, however, the products quality spoke for themselves and after their success DLS began introducing their products on the international market as well.

Sonic Electronix carries a wide variety of DLS Car Audio Speakers and it can be tough to compare their quality among the rest. With DLS you can consider your purchase a “Sound Solution” as each of their products was designed to fit within a certain application. With the DLS line-up most of the speakers have soft dome tweeters designed to provide a comfortable listening experience that doesn’t provide listening fatigue. Also, their crossovers are designed as part of the speaker, not as a required component. This means that their crossovers are designed with the same dedication and thought as the speaker itself.

The DLS X-Program Car Audio Line-up is a brand that Sonic Electronix is proud to be the exclusive North American dealer for. The X-Program line-up was designed for those that love their music and like to listen to it loud! This line is specialized to complete any entry level, as well as audiophile audio system. High quality crossovers and components that rival the best on the market are just some of the key things that set them apart from the. These speakers are a testament to thorough design and quality engineering, built around precision, and honed from the art of critical thinking.