Monster Cable MC HD HSST

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

HDMI Cables are the future of connectivity.  Recently we have posted blogs and articles that talk about HDMI speeds and Gbps ratings. As more and more devices integrate the HDMI technology, there becomes a need to have a portable cable that is easy to take with you wherever you go.  Being one of the major cable manufacturers in the world, Monster cable has released the world’s first SuperThin HDMI cable.

One of the major problems that installers have had when connecting high-definition televisions, Blue-ray players, and other HD devices is the size of the HDMI cable.  Because the traditional cable is so thick, it can become difficult to run the cable in tight spots.  Sometime installing the cable against a shallow wall mount can be literally impossible.  The thicker HDMI cables have a difficult time making concise right-angle turns that many installations require.  With the introduction of the Monster SuperThin HDMI cable, the installer’s world has become a lot easier.  The diameter is half the thickness as the standard HDMI cable and can easily make a 90-degree angle.  Installing a flat-screen HDTV is fast and easy with the SuperThin HDMI cable.

One of the nicest features about this cable is the integrated circuit, which powers the cable and enhances the image quality.  When the HDMI cable is connected to the display and the source, a blue light will light up and inform the user that the cable is properly installed.  This powered circuit will also help the cable retain the speed rating of 10.2 Gbps.  There is an included Velcro strap that makes the cable perfect for putting in a laptop bag or camera case.  With so many devices now using the HDMI interface, no one should be without a SuperThin HDMI cable.