When it comes to car audio, component speakers are known as the gold standard for sound quality. Installing a component speaker set in your car unlocks a more robust and expansive sound field than the standard full-range speakers.

Before you go out and buy a set of 6.5″ component speakers for your car, it’s best to know what they are and how they will affect the quality of your listening experience.

6.5″ Component Car Speakers: Design & Function

Alpine X-S65C 2-Way Component Speaker System

Component speakers usually come in kits, which include woofers, tweeters, and a separate crossover network. Unlike the full-range type which is great for space-savers, component speakers work together in different parts of your car’s interior to give you high-quality spatial audio.

Here is each device that completes a 6.5″ component car speaker system and how they function:


Also known as a midrange or midbass drivers, woofers are speakers designed to reproduce low bass frequencies. They work best when installed in the doors. They generate more resonant low frequencies, which provide a solid base for the precise high frequencies.


The tweeters are responsible for producing high-frequency sounds. Because its frequencies are more directed than those of mid-woofers, tweeters should be placed as close to the listener’s ear level, but not too far away from the woofers.


Essentially a filter, a crossover blocks out frequencies that shouldn’t be heard by a speaker or set of speakers. You can put them wherever you like, on the doors or the dashboard. They analyze radio data to direct higher frequencies to the system’s tweeters and lower frequencies to the system’s woofers.

Benefits of Having 6.5″ Component Car Speakers

Aftermarket 6.5″ component speakers enhance the overall clarity of your audio by isolating the highs and lows of your music: The tweeters handle the highs, while the mid-woofer handles the lows to create a full range of audio.

Crossovers are integral to filtering out frequencies that are not favorable to each driver so that the driver is not producing unwanted frequencies and thus becoming distorted to produce better sound quality.

Typically, a set of components that have the same specifications as a coaxial version will distort less, due to the woofer cone having more mobility since the tweeter is mounted separately. Component speakers also give you much more versatility in installation, allowing you to direct the tweeters toward you to improve sound staging.

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