Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting better sound quality is the reason we upgrade our vehicle’s factory audio system.  The OEM speakers don’t play the music the way that they should and the amplifier is not as powerful as we need.  If the car came with a subwoofer, an upgrade to an aftermarket subwoofer will provide deeper and cleaner bass from your music.  By installing and tuning some aftermarket car speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, an entire new world of audible frequencies is available for us to listen to. Although this is where most people stop adding to their new car audio system, there is more that can be done to increase the sound quality.  That solution is in sound dampening material.

Sound dampening material has become increasingly popular in aftermarket installations as more individuals have experienced the benefits that come from having it in their cars.  Many companies such as Dynamat, Ballastic, Second Skin, HushMat, and others have developed new technologies to make this material a valuable component in every installation.  Some of the many benefits of adding this material include enhanced full range sound replication, deeper bass response, and increasing the overall sound of the music inside the car.  In addition to making the music sound better, sound-dampening material also reduces the amount of outside noise that is heard inside the vehicle.  No system is perfect without some quality sound dampening material.  There are many different packages available to meet the specific need of your car.  One of the more popular products is the Dynamat Extreme Bulk Pack.  This kit includes 36 square ft. of material, plenty for an entire car.  It is cut into smaller sheets for easier installation and use around the entire car.  They also offer smaller packages with less material, as well as trunk kits and license plate frame kits. Other manufacturers, such as Ballistic have similar products that offer equal performance to that of the Dynamat.  The procedure that Ballastic uses to make their sound dampening material results in a thicker compound.  All of these products are excellent for adding to any car, truck, SUV, and other vehicle.  For the best sound out of your audio system, invest in quality sound dampening material.