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How to Get Yourself out of a Noise Complaint

Have you ever been pulled over for having too loud of a system? Or gotten a noise complaint about your vehicle from a neighbor?...

4 Tips to Improve Sound Efficiency of Your Speakers

Could your speakers be performing better than they already are? The answer is most likely. There are a few tricks to increasing the efficiency...

Car Sound Staging and Acoustics

The Stage is Set Many people are convinced that buying high quality car audio equipment will automatically guarantee them a top notch sounding system.   Fact of the matter is,...

Great Deals on Car Audio Installation Accessories

One of the most important ways to get a great sounding audio system in your car is to have a proper installation. This means...

Sound Dampening Packages at Sonic Electronix!

Car audio has a lot of important variables that can greatly affect the final outcome of the installation. Sound Dampening Material can not...

Sound Dampening Material Enhances Sound Quality

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Getting better sound quality is the reason we upgrade our vehicle’s factory audio system.  The OEM speakers don’t play...