By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The Sony Xplod XS-R5743 5” x 7” 4-way speakers provide great sound at an affordable price. This four driver setup includes built-in dome tweeters and super tweeters for enhanced sound accuracy. These speakers are a definite upgrade from factory speakers. You will enjoy the finely tuned music emitted from these 5” x 7” speakers. Even though they are listed as 5″ x 7″ speakers, they are also suitable for 6” x 8” openings. As far as appearance, these speakers will look great in your vehicle. The bright blue tweeter in the middle of a dark grayish cone makes for a pleasing look.

In terms of power handling, these speakers won’t wake up the neighbors, but they provide just enough bass for a nice, rhythmic thump. Rated at 35 watts of RMS power per speaker, you can use your head unit to power these speakers. The XS-R5743 can reproduce a wide range of sound, handling a range from 40 Hz to 23,000 Hz. That means these speakers will be able to reproduce most of the highs and some of the lows in your music. If you wanted to hear even more of your lows, you could always add a subwoofer to your car to compliment these speakers.

The Sony brand is a quality name you can trust. Established in 1946, Sony has been building reliable car audio products for a long time. The XS-R5743 are carefully crafted to ensure high quality playback for years to come. Further, these speakers have a full 1-year warranty to keep your investment safe. That investment will certainly improve your system. Switching to these from factory speakers will help you enjoy your favorite tunes like never before!