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By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Have you become a fan yet? Do you want the inside scoop on all the happenings at your favorite online electronics store?  If you are reading this blog then I hope that you have already become a fan. Show your Sonic Electronix pride and support by becoming a fan of Sonic Electronix on Facebook!  Head on over to the Facebook page and join the revolution!

So what are the benefits of becoming a fan? There are a lot of great things coming to the facebook fans of Sonic Electronix. Each day Sonic posts their deal of the day to share with all the fans.  You will get exclusive deals, promotions, and even some free items. Rumor has it if you ask for a sticker; they send you a bunch of stickers! Who knows what else they are willing to give out for free. Sonic also host contests on facebook.  That means by becoming a fan, you are eligible to win free items or store credit. You also gain access to a wealth of friends and knowledge. If you have a question about what you should do for your next install, ask Sonic and their fans. Whether it is from Sonic or one of their fans, you will get excellent professional advice catered to you.

Also on the Facebook page, Sonic Electronix has integrated their Twitter account and YouTube channel. That means you can watch videos directly on the facebook page. Learn from Seth Wilde and Brendan Hughson in the educational and informative videos that they post. Get quicker updates from twitter and stay in touch. Have a photo that you want to upload? Use the fan photo galleries to upload images of your car. Become linked to Sonic Electronix like never before and become a fan on facebook!