Remote start systems allow you to warm up your engine from a distance. Don’t be alarmed, even though you’re starting your engine, it does not mean someone can open your door and drive away with your vehicle. Even though the engine starts from a remote command, you still need to put the key into the ignition to actually drive away. If someone does try to hop in while you have the engine running, as soon as they touch the parking brake, the engine will shut off (until you decide to start the car again). Besides, you also control the automatic power locks through your remote, so you can always just lock your vehicle in the first place.

On a hot day, you can cool down your car from the comfort of your home. Besides the convenience of climate control, these devices warm up your vehicle before you start driving, which some mechanics believe will help prolong the life of your engine. Many of our remote car starters also include a car alarm to help protect your vehicle and its contents from theft. Besides discouraging the theft of your vehicle and its contents, you will be notified of a break-in via the 2-way paging system.

A remote engine starter can be programmed to automatically start you car periodically in10-60 minute intervals. This is a great technique for preventing your vehicle’s gas, oil and engine fluids from freezing. To control the temperature inside of the cab, just make sure you have the heater or air conditioning running before you turn off the car. The next time you use the remote start it will automatically heat or cool your vehicle based on your previous climate settings. Remote starters also allow you to lock and unlock your car doors with the press of a button. Certain 2-way remote car starters will even enable you to roll down the windows, open the sunroof, pop open the trunk or the hood, turn on the dome lights, beep the horn, and even start the defroster.

Our remote ignition starters feature two-way communication. For example, when you start the car, an image of the car on the LCD remote screen will show smoke exiting the tailpipe, indicating that the car has been started. This way, when you use your remote to start your car, you can be sure that the signal was transmitted to the vehicle even when from a distance. Two-way pager remotes will also indicate whether you successfully locked or unlocked your doors.

Your vehicle must have an electronic fuel injected motor only. Remote car starters are not recommended for manual transmissions. If your vehicle has an immobilizer you must purchase a bypass module, transponder, or data interface in order to bypass the immobilizer so that the engine starts when you use your remote car starter. Only certain makes of vehicles manufactured from 1993 and on require these bypass modules for remote start, keyless entry, and window controls.

Remember, remote car starters can offer both climate control and vehicle security at the touch of a button. Be sure to get an experienced professional to perform you install.