AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD (C3-RS730) Remote Start Vehicle Security System

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

Winter is coming along soon and the temperatures are beginning to drop.  When waking up on a dreary Monday morning, there’s always the lurking fear of getting into a cold, uncomfortable vehicle.  Jumpstart your mornings with the addition of a remote car starter !  These systems remotely start your vehicle before you get in, and will allow your air conditioning the time it needs to reach a comfortable temperature to get your day started!

Remote start systems are hardwired to your vehicles ignition, a task that’s recommended for professional installers.  The Python 413 (P/N 4103P) is a great example of a basic remote start system. After installation you’ll have a remote in which you can just press a button and your vehicle will start.  Whenever you’re ready to get going, just unlock and get into your vehicle, insert your key into the ignition as normal and you’re set.

I know what you’re asking at this point. “Why would I want to have my vehicle’s engine running when I’m not around, wouldn’t anyone be able to get in and drive off?” That’s been taken care of by a few cleverly implemented features into a remote start systems design.  First, in most systems when you active the automatic start features, the system will simultaneously lock your vehicles. This is the first step designed to change anyone’s mind that sees a running vehicle with unlocked doors.  At that point, if someone enters your vehicle without first inserting the key into the ignition, the system is designed to turn off your vehicles engine the moment a foot is pressed on the brake.

Remote start systems, such as the AutoPage C3-RS730 can offer plenty of other optional features to help secure your vehicle, and make remote starting an easier experience.  Some higher end features found on some remote start systems are temperature based remote starting.  If your area is super cold and you need to take precautions against freezing your engine, a remote starter can automatically start your vehicle whenever a certain temperature is reached.  The same can go with when it gets too hot, and you need to cool down your vehicle.

Another convenient remote start option is the ability to start your vehicle at a programmed time every day.  If you’re heading to work at a specified time every day, you can have your vehicle start a few minutes beforehand so everything is ready by the time you’re ready to go, without the need to press any buttons.  This convenient feature will not only help with getting your vehicle to your desired, cozy temperature, but your vehicle will thank you for the extra few minutes of start time.  This allows all of the running fluids to reach desired temperature to properly circulate; this is especially true for colder environments.  If you have components in your car, like navigation systems that take some time to start, this is also useful to help get them started and get you going quicker.

In a lot of newer vehicles, a chip is built into the key, called an Immobilizer.  This prevents your vehicle from starting without sensing the chip, so no one can start your car with a tool like a screwdriver.  In order to properly use a remote start system if your vehicle has this feature, an immobilizer bypass is required.  This bypass kit will allow your remote start system to bypass your immobilizer temporarily to start your car, and still maintains the integrity of the immobilizer’s primary function.  Ready for your mornings to be less stressful, and more cozy? A remote start system is perfect for you!