Audiovox CMOS2 Rear View Back-Up Camera

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

The parallel parking nightmare.  The strip mall’s chaotic parking lots. Those dreary mornings backing out of your driveway.  These are places and situations familiar in our minds and are common places you find yourself frustrated, trying to get a clear line of sight to safely move your vehicle.

Improving your line of sight to better get a picture of what’s going on behind your vehicle can improve your overall driving awareness.  We’ve all been there, wedging yourself into a spot that’s not quite large enough for your vehicle.  Backing up into, what you hope is a clear space.  Backing into a street, constantly turning your head in all directions to check for pedestrians, and cars from the main road.  Rear View Backup Cameras have been designed with aiding you in achieving the best possible visual awareness even in the most frustrating, chaotic, nightmarish situations.

Backup Cameras, like this Audiovox CMOS2, can provide you a clear picture of what’s going on behind your vehicle.  Their picture will display on most in-dash monitors, or if you’re not interested in a radio replacement you can use a separate monitor like a Boyo Vision VTM 3000 to display the backup picture on.  When you set your car in reverse, the cameras image will turn on providing you with a clear image of the area behind you.

Low-Light situations can be especially difficult to backup in, which is why each backup camera has its own Lux rating, or built in night vision.  A camera with a Lux rating will basically “brighten up” the picture for you.  When it transmits to your monitor, the picture will be enhanced with a brighter image for easier viewing.  Or, there’s cameras with built in night vision which will display a green, night vision style of picture.  Backup Cameras were thought to only appear on higher end model vehicles, but this is definitely not the case.  Protecting yourself while backing up is a good idea for anyone, and it’s now easier than ever to do.