RE Audio SRX10 D4 Car Subwoofer

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The main difference between the average online store and Sonic Electronix is the product trainings that the sales staff receives.  While most online stores simply offer a product to a customer, Sonic Electronix does so much more.  In addition to offering the product at low prices, they also offer excellent customer service by knowing about the products and how to install them.  Those that call or email Sonic Electronix will have all their questions answered with professional assistance.  The reason that this service is available is two-fold.  First, the Sonic sales team has a passion and love for car electronics.  Second, they are trained directly from the manufacturers about the products and receive the product knowledge directly from those that make the products.  The happened recently as RE Audio and US Amps came to visit.

RE Audio and US Amps has a long history in the automotive world.  They are the proud manufacturer of car amplifiers (working with the legendary US Amps), car subwoofers, and car speakers. The company began in a small garage in Florida and has grown to be an international competition audio name.  When other manufacturers started getting products made overseas, RE Audio and US Amps stayed true to their founding and kept the work in the United States.  Still today, the majority of all the parts are made, assembled, engineered in the United States.   Sonic was fortunate enough to have the head engineer at RE Audio teach them in great detail about the amps and subwoofers.  It is not often that companies will send the individual that still creates amps and subwoofers by hand to conduct trainings.  The result is Sonic product specialists being able to have each and every one of their questions answered.  After learning more about each and every one of the products that RE Audio carries, the sales team had the privilege of hearing the speakers, subs, and amps in action.  Each was impressed as they watched the 300-watt RMS RE Audio SRX subwoofer receive 1000 watts of power!  Each of the subwoofers truly live up to the RE Audio motto: Built for Brutality!