Precision Power SubwoofersBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If you are looking to build a state of the art car audio system, you need great subwoofers. Precision Power subwoofers feature an innovative design and fantastic engineering. You will love the outstanding sound and the accurate bass generated by Precision Power subwoofers. The Precision Power brand features two separate lines, the Pro series and the PowerClass with X-max (PCX) series. Both of these lines offer unique advantages for different styles of musical playback.

If sound quality is your number one priority, the Precision Power PowerClass X-max subwoofers are an excellent option. The Precision Power PPI PCX102 is a 10” Dual 2 Ohms PowerClass subwoofer that is capable of handling 250 watts of continuous power. This sub has a single flat conex spider, a dynamic spring system that restores the cone to its original position after it moves according to the signal. Its innovative BiCool voice coil system keeps the temperature cool even during the most demanding musical breakdowns. The highly flexible Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) surround reinforces the subs exterior and helps protect it from damage. If you need a four ohms version of this model, the PPI PCX104 has the exact same features except it is wired at four ohms.

If you need more power, 12” versions of these models are also available, check out the 2 ohm, 12” Precision Power PPI PCX122 subwoofer. This sub has all of the great PCX design features, such as the stamped steel frame and the e-glass flat panel cone. We also carry the PPI PCX 124 subwoofer, the four ohm version of this 12” sub. Given that they are bigger in size, these models offer a little more power handling capability at 300 watts of continuous power.

Which is better, the 10” version or the 12” subwoofer model? Better is not the operative word. Rather, the optimal choice depends on the size of amplifier you plan to use and the amount of space in your vehicle. The 12” Precision Power subwoofers will certainly be louder since they have a greater power capability.

Lastly, the PRO series is the way to go if you love bass. These flat piston woofers feature a tightly packed design which effectively mitigates distortion. The Precision Power PRO104 10” Subwoofer is hard to beat at 1000 watts of continuous power handling. This sub’s incredible power can be traced to its dual-gap motor, which enhances the bass response and peak linear excursion. The custom cast aluminum frame is offset by a tri radius symmetrical surround. These features help ensure top performance for years to come. This model is also available in a 12″ version, see the PRO124 subwoofer page for more info.