STAX AmpsBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Would you like to build a powerful car audio system without taking up tons of space? Power Acoustik STAX series amplifiers feature an efficient stacking design that makes them a great choice for conserving space. You can stack these amps in stacks of three. Each amp design (mono, 2-channel, 4-channel) has a specific size of chassis to make stacking easy.

STAX amps feature a terrifically efficient design. All of the controls and connections are positioned on one side of the amp to make installations clean and easy. The reversible top gives you the option to wire your amp from the front or in the back. As far as temperature control, these amps have uniquely designed vertical cooling fins which optimize heat dissipation. The Power Acoustik design team really went the extra mile when they developed the STAX series.


If you are looking for a great monoblock amplifier, the Power Acoustik STAX 2000/1D is a great option. This 2000 Watt Class D amplifier will provide loads of power for your subwoofer. If you like to take a hands-on approach to adjusting your sound system, you will appreciate this amp’s external bass remote, which gives you total bass control. For more power, stack this amp with the Power Acoustik STAX 4000/1D. This 4000 watt amplifier is also a Class D mono amp. These STAX amplifiers can produce tons of power because of their built-in MOSFET power supplies. If you still need more power, you can stack these with the Power Acoustik STAX 5500/1D mono amp for a powerful trio. This Class D amp puts out 5500 watts and it too includes a bass remote. With this trip of amps, your powerful system will blow people away.


As far as two channel amplifiers, the Power Acoustik STAX 1250/2 is a 2-channel class A/B amp. This 2-channel amp perfect for powering two subs. This ultra sleek amp comes with a free bass remote and its max power rating is 1250 watts. This amp can also be bridged for powering one subwoofer. If you need more power, the Power Acoustik STAX 1800/2 amplifier is a 2-channel amp that can be wired to 2 subs or bridged to one sub. This amp’s max power rating is 1800 watts, and it also includes a bass remote for easy bass control. If you stack these two amps, you will be the life of the party.

If you need an amplifier to power your speakers, the Power Acoustik STAX 1200/4 is the way to go. This 4-channel amplifier is rated at 1200 watts of max power. It can also be bridged to power two speakers, at which it will provide 250 watts per channel of RMS power. You can stack this amp with the Power Acoustik STAX 1600/4 amplifier. The 1600/4 STAX 4-channel amplifier has a higher max power rating of 1600 watts. Unlike the other STAX series amplifiers, these amps do not come with a bass remote. However, these amps are built to last and they will feed your speakers with a steady power supply.