Kinetik HC Power CellsBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Kinetik batteries are dependable batteries built to provide power for all levels of car audio systems, from starter systems to competition vehicles. Kinetik HC power cells are featured in competition cars because they can provide a tremendous amount of power. Due to their high absorptive glass mat (AGM) design, battery acid is absorbed into glass mat markers to prevent leakage. These glass mat markers also split the lead plates which creates enhanced energy density.

Kinetik batteries can charge your car audio system better than most other car audio batteries. If your car audio system has high voltage demands, a Kinetik power cell is perfect for you. The Kinetik design team engineered these batteries with densely packed plate cells to enhance the energy density and mitigate heat and vibration damage. The HC16V features an innovative dual post design. This power cell can run at 12 volts or 16 volts, perfect for powering multiple amplifiers and components.

Their unique sealed valve design enhances the life span of these batteries. Because of this feature, you can keep these power cells can on the shelf without constantly monitoring the charge levels.  This sealed design also allows you to mount them anywhere in your vehicle. In terms of powering capabilities, these batteries are small yet powerful. The HC600 only weighs 14 pounds but it provides more power than one hundred one farad digital capacitors. If you want a bigger power cell, the HC1800 can provide enough power for even the loudest systems on the block. This 54 pound power cell will keep your system “thumping.”

How do figure out which Kinetik battery is right for your system? Compute the total wattage of your amplifiers by adding each amp’s wattage. Add 1000 if you are replacing your battery, but only add 500 if you are keeping it. Now that you’ve calculated this total system estimate, find a battery that carries at least this amount of wattage. In some cases you might need more than one battery to match the wattage. Depending on the application, you will need 0/4 gauge wire to connect the battery to your system. If you need an additional power source for your vehicle, the HC800 is a great choice as a lightweight race car battery or for powering amplifiers.

Finally, if you drive a Honda or a Mitsubishi and you need a replacement battery, the HC1400 is an ideal fit. This battery has a slim design, which makes it an easy fit for your vehicle. Despite is slight stature, it can provide a tremendous amount of current for your car audio system. You will love the way Kinetik batteries get your system powered up and ready to go!