2010 Sonic Electronix Halloween Sale

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Its that time of year again! Fall is in the air and the holiday season is fast approaching. It is time to start looking for the best deals out there and to stock up on the holiday gifts! Whether it is a gift for a family member, a good friend, or even a gift for yourself, this time of the year is the best time to do your shopping! Sonic Electronix is gearing up for their holiday season and has kicked it off with a Halloween Sale where you can get some bone chilling deals.  The deal was posted yesterday on their main page, however the newsletter members received early access to the deals last week when the Halloween Sale newsletter was sent out. If you haven’t already, signing up for the newsletter means that you are the first to receive exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts.

The Halloween sale at Sonic Electronix features some incredible deals on leading car audio products. Now is a perfect time to get your system upgraded! For those in the market for a new car stereo, the Kenwood KDC-MP345U is a great unit with excellent features. It is made to work flawlessly with iPods and iPhones, as well as any other portable device with the front auxiliary input. Internal sound processing and the System Q sound control enhanced the audio playback and ensure the best sound quality possible. With the supplied promo code, this unit can be snatched for a little over $100! The sound is never complete without a pair of high-end speakers, and that is exactly what Infinity Kappa speakers are.  Sonic Electronix is offering the Infinity Kappa 63.9i and the Infinity Kappa 60.9cs car speakers as an audiophile speaker solution. Whether you need a component system or a coaxial system, these Kappa speakers will bring incredible sound quality to your car.  For the true car audio enthusiast, more power is going to be needed to run the system. Larger amps and bigger systems means more power draw. The Kinetic HC 600 is a compact power cell that adds enough support to most audio system to keep the music playing all day, every day. For more exclusive, limited-time offers, head over to the Sonic Electronix Halloween Sale and get some bone chilling deals!