By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer
The Pioneer Premier shallow mount subwoofers are part of the newest 2010 line of subwoofers. The TS Series subwoofers feature an extremely low-profile and have been designed with multiple patent –pending features. These features deliver just as much bass as a full-size subwoofer but in a smaller, compact design. Shallow mount subwoofer offer a variety of installation options from underneath your backseat to a small subwoofer box in your trunk.

The Pioneer Premier TS-SW1201S2 is a 12” Dual 2 ohm shallow-mount subwoofer featuring a 1500W Max and 400W RMS power rating. This subwoofer delivers deep bass and optimal performance in a small 3-1/4”-depth package. It will provide excellent sound quality with Pioneer’s strong yet lightweight IMPP Double cone woofer with reinforced basalt and carbon fiber for quick bass response. And the M-Shaped woven radial surround keeps the voice coil centered even under extreme power. This series also has an Air Suspension Control System meaning that it locks in air between the main cone and internal drive cone allowing it act like a spring. By having this suspension system, it reduces the depth of the sub without giving up sound quality.

If you don’t have enough room for a 12”, Pioneer features the TS-SW841D which is an 8” 500W Max shallow-mount subwoofer. This subwoofer has all the same great features as the 12” just with a 2-1/2” mounting depth. The TS-SW841D has the IMPP Cone woofer and radial surround so you are not compromising any great features by getting a smaller subwoofer. This 8” sub will give you an amazing bass response that will make people think you actually have a 12”!

If you are thinking of putting these subwoofers in an enclosure, a ported/vented or sealed box is ideal and will allow them to perform to their optimum level. The Pioneer Premier series of subwoofers are very impressive and live up to our expectations.