Eclipse CD5030

When it comes to finding a new in-dash car stereo, it seems like the choices are endless.  With so many different brands and so many different options, it can be hard to sort through all the different head-units to find one with every feature that you are looking for.  This can prove to be especially hard for those that are limited to the smaller single DIN radios because of their vehicle. Luckily, there are trustworthy companies that have affordable single DIN stereos that can do it all!

The Eclipse CD5030 is an affordable car stereo that can fit in just about every vehicle out there.  Packed inside of this slim single DIN chassis are a ton of features that will make life easier, as well as make life sound great!  It comes with built-in Bluetooth so you can focus on your driving as opposed to playing with your phone to dial and talk to.  The rear USB interface allows the connection of an iPod.  While connected, the easy to navigate interface allows you to browse your iPod and listen to your entire digital library of music.  HD radio with iTunes tagging is another option for this stereo and will allow the reception of clear digital radio signals, as well as the ability to tag the HD radio songs with the iTunes tagging feature.  For those that are looking to replace an existing head unit that has SIRIUS or XM radio already installed, the Eclipse CD 5030 is fully compatible with both of these forms of satellite radio.  With more options than what was discussed here, this stereo has exactly what you want in a car stereo.

Optimal sound quality is another important feature of an in-dash head unit, and a feature that Eclipse has taken seriously.  The CD5030 includes a 7 band parametric equalizer that will allow you to tweak and customize the sound the music.  It has a built-in multi-harmonizer that will enhance the overall audio playback of the audio files.  On the rear of the unit, there are 3 sets of 5-volt preamp outputs that will supply the amplifier with plenty of voltage for a superior audio signal, which mean better audio when connected to an amplifier.  With so many options for audio sources and so many audio customizations, the Eclipse CD5030 is the ideal choice for everyone!