By Seth W. – Product Specialist

Eclipse SW8010 Subwoofers

We are all familiar with what makes a subwoofer great. Quality materials in the cone and surround, a powerful magnet, a efficient cooling system, and a high temperature voice coil all help in turning a good subwoofer into a great subwoofer. Of course there is much more that goes into subwoofer technology, but that is a good basis to a high-end subwoofer. This knowledge and more has been applied in the creation of Eclipses 8000 series subwoofers. The Japanese brand Eclipse has always been regarded as one of the premier car audio manufacturers, especially when it comes to in-dash navigation, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Here at Sonic Electronix, we were lucky enough to have the some of the Eclipse subwoofers come through so we could look at them first hand. As we first looked at the Eclipse SW8010, we were immediately impressed with the attention to detail and first-rate quality that made up these woofers. They featured a study anodized alloy cone woofer and a progressive “S” multi-layer surround. Both of these assist the sound waves in leaving the front of the subwoofer in a smooth, and musical fashion. Deeper within the subwoofer, we were able to inspect the long voice coil. The high temperature voice coil measured 2” tall with a diameter of 3”! Much bigger than many of the voice coils that travel through our warehouse. When we checked out the bottom of the subwoofer we discovered why it was so heavy. Eclipse attached three large magnets to help manage all the power that can be put into this sub. The 58 oz. triple-stacked are capped off with a shiny-chromed end cap. Unlike other subwoofers in this class, Eclipse made things simple and produced a subwoofer that has one voice coil. The single voice coil leads to one set of solid push terminals that are designed to hold sturdy, while transferring all the needed power.

When one of these subs is hooked up, not only do you hear it but you also feel it. The low frequency response rates as low as 18 Hz and only as high as 200 Hz. Time and time again, the Eclipse 8000 series of subwoofer proves to be an impressive subwoofer that sounds incredible. Often they are mistaken for larger subwoofers because of their deep, powerful bass. Even the 10” version, such as the SW8010, outperforms other manufacturers 15” subwoofers. Overall, Sonic Electronix was very impressed with these subwoofers. However, we expect nothing less from a company that has proven themselves time and time again.