By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The Philips DCP851 is a great option if you are looking for a portable DVD player that is compatible with your iPod. Pop in a DVD or just plug in your iPod into the built-in iPod dock, and this unit will display an immaculate depiction of your favorite photos and videos on its widescreen 8.5” LCD monitor. With this DVD player, you no longer have to strain your eyes while trying to watch movies on your miniscule iPod screen. Besides the sizable screen, the best trait of this unit is its versatility. In addition to playing DVDs and iPod movies, this unit also plays music from your iPod while it displays the song title and artist. If that’s not cool enough, it can also play MP3 and regular CDs. Further, the DCP851 can also display digital media from photo CDs and memory cards. The possibilities are endless!

As an iPod owner, I am always worried about burning out my battery life while on road trips. The great part about the DCP851 is this unit charges your iPod during playback! As far as the DCP851, the unit has a built-in rechargeable battery. On the downside, the battery life lasts only 2.5 hours while unplugged. However, it includes an AC adapter and car adapter for powering the unit during extended playback. While in the car, just plug your player into your cigarette lighter and the unit will be fully powered and ready to stream media.

All screens aren’t created equal, and this screen is much better than average. The anti-glare technology helps minimize reflections from the sun. This is especially important since this portable media player is so light that you will want to bring it on all of your road trips and outdoor adventures. Don’t worry about bothering others, because you can use one of the two headphone jacks to listen to your movies and music while in a communal area. On the flip side, if others want to join in, the remote control and adjustable stand make it easy to use this DVD player for entertaining small groups. The adjustable stand allows you to tilt the screen at various mounting angles.

If you are looking for a portable DVD player with all of the bells and whistles, the DCP851 will not let you down. You will enjoy the convenience of being able to bring along a nice sized screen throughout all of your excursions.