Kenwood DNX7190HD Double DIN Head Unit

People love double DIN stereos. They have great features such as DVD, playback, navigation, reverse camera integration and touchscreen capabilities, among others. Some of the most popular brands of vehicles that we get questions about installing a double DIN stereo into are 2006-2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles without navigation.


The standard radio opening  in these vehicles is a DIN 1/2 which leaves the consumer with one aftermarket option, a single DIN stereos. Not that they are bad, but the don’t look as good. At least to me anyway. I’m going to give you a short and easy way to accommodate an awesome double DIN into your vehicle without any custom dash modification.


Aftermarket Wiring Harness

  1. Example of Dodge Aftermarket Wiring Harness (Your Application May Vary)

    First you will need an aftermarket stereo wiring harness from either Metra or Scosche. They vary depending if the vehicle has a stock non-amplified or amplified system (Give us a call directly and one of our knowledgeable Customer Commitment Team members can help you chose the correct one for your application).  We do offer these for free or at a discount with the purchase of a stereo, depending on your vehicle. These wiring kits make it a lot easier to install an aftermarket stereo into your car without guessing which wire from your stock harness needs to go where. This is a plug and play installation that doesn’t require any modification to the vehicles stock wiring harness. All these require are butt connectors to attach the wiring harness from Metra or Scosche to the aftermarket stereo wiring harness. You then plug it into your vehicles wiring harness.


Stereo Mounting Kit

  1. Single DIN / Double DIN Installation Kit for Select 2006-2008 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Vehicles

    Currently there is no dash kit with a bezel to accommodate an aftermarket double DIN stereo for 2006-2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. Metra however does make a stereo mounting kit for it, the Metra 99-6510. Some people buy this thinking it will solve the problem of installing a double DIN stereo. It does not. We carry this kit on our website for a great price and will be a key piece that you will need to complete the installation.



Stock Navigation Bezel

  1. Dodge Charger Stock NAV Bezel

    This piece is very important. You will need to purchase a stock navigation bezel that comes with the navigation equipped models of your vehicle. This looks a lot cleaner than hacking-up the stock bezel that’s a DIN ½. You can purchase this directly from a dealer, but they tend to be expensive. You can also try a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep forum to see if anyone is selling one. Another great option (the one that I recommend) is to check out an auction website such as eBay or a local Pick Your Part. They are usually a lot cheaper.




These are all the items you will need to accommodate a double DIN stereo into those vehicles. Now, as with all installations we recommend that you have it professionally installed. We know that some people are a little more mechanically inclined than others and might be able to do this on their own as it’s a pretty straight-forward install. For those customers who do try it on their own, we have a very knowledgeable Tech Support Team that can help guide you through any trouble you might have.

There you go. Simple enough, isn’t it? I hope this was a help to you in accomplishing your goal of making an aftermarket double DIN stereo work in your 2006-2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. And if you are in the market for that perfect double DIN stereo, check us out at We can help you choose the correct harness and best head unit for your needs. Good luck!

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