MTX Audio Thunder 8000 Subwoofer CES 2011

Big bass is what MTX Audio is all about! If you have had a chance to hear the powerful bass that comes from any of their showcars, you will know what I am talking about. Each woofer with the MTX logo on it can be trusted to have some strong bass and will last a long time. In the past several years, MTX has continued their evolution of quality woofers. In 2011, this legacy continues with a few new lines of subwoofers.

One of the most anticipated woofers for the 2011 MTX lineup is the MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofer. They will be releasing this woofer in 10”, 12”, 15” versions and each of those sizes will be available in a dual 2 or a dual 4 configuration. This variety will continue to give the installer plenty of options for matching amplifiers and subwoofers. The larger 15” subwoofers feature a 130 oz magnet, while the smaller 12” and 10” will feature a 93 oz magnet. The cone of the subwoofer is different from the entire MTX line of subwoofers and brings a nice sense of class to the line. A silver woven glass fiber cone spans catches the eye and emphasizes sophistication while the sub delivers top-notch bass.

MTX Audio had this subwoofer at the 2011 CES show loaded in a Bass Slammer enclosure (read more about this at our MTX Thunder 8000 Subwoofer Thread). When powered on, this subwoofer comes to life and breathes deep, hard-hitting bass. The bass is loud and powerful, but also retains a strong sense of clarity and detail. It proved to be an excellent combination of sound quality and SPL. We can expect to see some great installation this upcoming year with these new subwoofers from MTX. Whether you are looking to bring your dB rating to the next level or just looking for a great sounding woofer, you have to check out these new MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofers.