Kenwood CES 2011

New technologies and features introduced to the car audio industry can make for an exciting time of the year. Kenwood was at CES 2011 showing off all of their new 2011 In-Dash Receivers and other car audio equipment. Among some of the exciting equipment showcased was their new flagship navigation in-dash stereo, the Kenwood DNX9980HD. This new navigation stereo system will replace its previous model, the Kenwood DNX9960.

New to this flagship unit are features that are both convenient and safety oriented. This is the first Kenwood multimedia model to incorporate HD Radio as a built-in feature. Advanced 3-D navigation technology by Garmin is also included. Kenwood’s new unit integrates as many features for convenience as possible. The safety oriented features start with a built-in Lane Assist with Junction View to reduce highway interchange confusion and to improve driving safety so you’ll never be stuck wondering which lane you need to be in. Traffic services are built-in directly to the source unit featured by NAVTEQ Live Traffic service that is free for the life of the product. Kenwood’s voice control system will also operate the A/V system, allowing the user to change between multiple sources, access entries in a cellular phonebook, make phone calls, seek out music and video files and access station presets. Twin iPod control allows for the connection and operation of two iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone devices.

Maximizing fuel efficiency is a must in these economic times where gas prices seem to only go up. To assist with maximizing your fuel efficiency while driving, the DNX9980HD offers the Garmin-developed ecoRoute feature that measures the impact of your driving habits on the environment and suggest routes that will provide the most efficient fuel consumption. Even more ground breaking though is the optional ecoRoute HD feature. This exciting new feature will allow the user to actually view vehicle diagnostics such as fuel consumption, engine temperature, and exhaust emissions. This is accomplished by connecting the ecoRoute HD to a factory ODB11 interface module. Not only will it provide you with these up-to-date features, but since it’s interfaced through the ODB11 plug you’ll also be able to get status updates regarding your vehicles condition. If you are to have a “Check Engine” light come on, your radio will be able to diagnose the exact issue and show up cleanly on the display. Staying notified has never been so simple with the Kenwood DNX9980HD.