Metra Vehicle Fit Guide (VFG) App for iPhone Android

Those that have a passion for car audio often find themselves giving advice and helping others install systems in their cars. Shortly after a reputation is built, it becomes expected that friends, family, and co-workers ask us to check out their car and let them know what they need to buy. In the past this has been difficult to give specifics. We would find ourselves going back home, jumping on the computer, and researching their car. However, this has all changed with the release of the Metra Vehicle Fit Guide (VFG) mobile application.

You may recall reading our previous blog post about Metra Electronic’s Smartphone App Blog. You can also check out the thread on the Sonic Electronix forums about the Metra Vehicle Fit Guide (VFG) for Android & iPhone. As we have spent more time with the application and as Metra has released updates, we have developed a huge love for this application. Below are some of our favorite features on this application.

Comprehensive Vehicle Database

The Metra Vehicle Fit Guide has one of the most comprehensive and complete car databases available. No matter what type of car you have, when it was made, or the body style/trim, Metra has you covered.

Speaker Sizes and Depths

This is Sonic Electronix’s favorite feature on the application. After looking up the vehicle on the application, we can quickly look and see the size of speakers that fit in the car and the speaker depth. This information helps us recommend the correct equipment without any hassle. It’s fast and easy.

Complete Parts List (with Accessories)

The large list of parts includes both vehicle specific and universal. Either way, you can be sure that it will fit the car. The parts list includes dash kits, wiring harnesses, speaker harnesses, antennas, and more!


Metra even put their videos on the app! This means you can watch the latest product demos, installation videos, and how-to videos directly from your phone. Whether you are bored and trying to pass some time or in the middle of a big install and need some help, the videos on the Metra VFG app are here to help.

Metra Android App QR code
Metra QR Code

For more information on this application and to download it, search Metra Electronics in your phones App Store or Android Market.