There is nothing like cruising on the water in your boat with the sun shining and music playing. However, you can not just install any old speakers and expect them to handle a boating environment. In order to get the best sound and performance from your marine speakers, there are a few key facts and details that you should know. 

1. Marine speakers are designed for harsher environments

When marine speakers are manufactured, there is a greater emphasis on the components and design so that they can handle water, moisture, the sun’s UV rays, and other outdoor elements. This weatherproof design provides the versatility that is required with boats of all sizes. 

The use of regular, non-marine related speakers that are not designed in this manner will result in issues. For instance, the sun’s UV rays can easily damage a speaker’s cone in a short period of time.

Wet Sounds Speakers

2. The placement of your boat speakers is important

Marine speakers can be placed in many locations on your boat, however, there are a few things to consider for maximum sound and overall performance. First, make sure the speakers are spread out and are not behind any large objects that might block them. Next, you want to avoid placing your speakers in a place where they may be exposed to an excessive amount of water that may permanently damage. Finally, a flat surface is going to make the install process much easier than any curved area of your boat. 

3. Plan out what type of system you want before buying

How much power are you looking for your marine speakers to have? How large or small is your boat? Does your boat already have internal components that can be used with your speakers, such as an amplifier, or will you need to install a new one?

Replacing or adding marine speakers to your boat requires proper planning. If you have a smaller sized boat and just want a simple soundbar speaker that is already amplified, your choices will be simpler. If you want a full-blown audio system on your boat, you will have much more to think about. 

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4. Bluetooth enabled soundbars are a great, quick and easy upgrade

Let’s face it, not every boat has speakers pre-installed from the factory. Also, not everyone has the time or money to do any custom fabrication of their boat’s sound system. One easy way to get around this and to still be able to get loud, powerful speakers that you will be able to hear over the motor and the wake is soundbar speakers. The great thing about these is they are incredibly easy to install and almost all of them have built-in amplifiers with built-in Bluetooth compatibility. So all you have to do is mount them with the included mounting clamps and connect the speaker to your battery and you are ready to go.

5. Speakers from reputable manufacturers will sound better and last longer

When purchasing your marine speakers you will want to choose a reputable supplier and reputable brand that specializes in marine audio. Sonic Electronix carries speakers from the top manufacturers like JBL, Rockford Fosgate, Wet Sounds, and JL Audio. Buying generic speakers off of amazon or eBay won’t give you the longevity or the sound quality like you will get out of the premium brands. 

Having quality speakers on your boat can take your enjoyment to another level. Just be sure to keep these 5 fast facts in mind when researching and making your next purchase. Still have questions about your marine audio needs, check out our marine audio category for more helpful articles like this one. Also, visit our website and find the right marine speakers for your boat, today!