Top Cars for Generation Y

The youth of America is growing up and starting to drive and they are learning to drive a little bit differently than the rest of American drivers. While the laws of the road are the same, the vehicles are completely different. Learning to drive with a domestic automobile is practically a thing of the past because America’s youth (and those buying the cars) are beginning to prefer foreign automakers.

According to the automotive site TrueCar, these young drivers are purchasing foreign cars. In fact, the top 10 cars purchased by those in the age range of 18-27 are all foreign. While the Ford Focus was in the top 10 cars list, not a single domestic car manufacturer made the top 10 brands list.

Aftermarket auto parts and electronics manufacturers can use this information to focus on making equipment specifically for the cars below. Those that already own one of these cars can be confident that they will always have a great selection of aftermarket products to install. For more information on what the speaker sizes are for these cars, visit the Sonic Electronix Speakers Fit Guide. Speakers are only the start of a long list of vehicle upgrades that could be made with these cars.

Top 10 Cars for Generation Y

  1. Scion tC ($18,995)
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer ($20,670)
  3. Honda Civic Si ($22,975)
  4. Toyota Yaris Sedan ($13,915)
  5. Ford Focus Coupe ($17,365)
  6. Scion xD ($15,830)
  7. Volkswagen GLI ($25,365)
  8. Subaru Impreza ($19,220)
  9. Kia Forte ($15,690)
  10. Toyota Corolla ($16,660)

Top 10 Brands for Generation Y

  1. Scion (21.2%)
  2. Mitsubishi (20.3%)
  3. Mazda (10.7%)
  4. Nissan (9.8%)
  5. Volkswagen (9.6%)
  6. Kia (9.1%)
  7. Hyundai (8.6%)
  8. Honda (8.0%)
  9. Toyota (7.6%)
  10. Subaru (7.3%)

Who are the Drivers of Generation Y?

The Generation Y drivers are the drivers of the future. They were born in 1982 and after. Sometimes Gen Y will be referred to as the Millennial Generation, Generation Next, Net Generation, or the Echo Boomers. Since these drivers are just starting to drive, they will be on the roads for the next 60, 70, or even 80 years. It is best to get used to driving with Generation Y because they are going to be on the road for a long time.

* Top 10 Cars shown with vehicle MSRP
** Top 10 Brands shown with percentage of buyers in Gen Y