When iPods were first released, who could’ve foreseen the overall success and impact they would have on the entire electronics industry? Not only do these music-storing MP3 players allow for simple playback, but they have also introduced a familiar interface that allows us to easily adapt to the players features. Let’s face it, you don’t have to own an iPod to know how to work one. The success of the iPhone further added to the Apple MP3 player craze. Car Stereo’s had to take part and support iPods directly to give users the best possible experience. Car stereos with USB ports began to take on the ability for direct iPod control.

Now it’s 2011 and we’re all aware of what an iPod or iPhone is. Car stereo’s have introduced newer and newer technology to integrate iPod connectivity and iPhone applications through their speakers and display. Dual introduced a new iPod and iPhone source unit that allows for not only a great playback experience, but also a great way to store the iPod or iPhone. The Dual XML8150 In-Dash car stereo features a fold-out integrated dock that allows for integration of the iPod or iPhone and also allows you to dock the iPod or iPhone onto the stereo itself. This can be especially convenient when using the iPhones built-in map system so you can basically use your iPhone as a navigation system. The display will work as normal, and you’ll also be able to have voice commands played through your car speakers as well.

This stereo also has Built-in Bluetooth to further integrate the iPhone connectivity. You can pair the phone and stereo with each other and allow all phone calls to ring through your car stereo. With the Dual XML8150, it’s now an option to simply dock your iPod or iPhone and completely forget about it. If a call Is coming through, you can be assured that the Dual XML8150 will take care of routing that call through your speakers.