Kenwood eXcelon Receivers

A car audio system can compromise of many different components. What good is a system with a ton of different components if you have no way to control all of them? That’s the main function of your CD receiver, also sometimes known as a source unit. Kenwood decided to start 2011 with what they’re mainly known for – a great lineup of in-dash stereo receivers that help you control each source that you’re personal listening preference. Since Kenwood has started using Pandora Internet Radio Link with their in-dash receiver technology, you can expect to see this feature on a few of their 2011 eXcelon CD receivers.

The flagship model in the Kenwood eXcelon CD receiver lineup is the KDC-X995, which is the new version of the KDC-X994. There are three key technologies built into this unit all for the first time. You’ll find a pleasing blend of HD Radio, Bluetooth, and Pandora internet radio link all built into the KDC-X995, which is designed to truly fit the audio enthusiast lifestyle. The upgraded audio and data service features of HD Radio take full advantage of the audio performance and large display of the Kenwood receiver. Pandora internet radio can now be controlled and viewed via the front panel of the KDC-X995, adding to driver safety and convenience. Through wireless connection via Bluetooth, full names and numbers from a cell phone’s address book can be seen on the five-line variable color LCD display, which has easier visibility and faster scrolling of multiple names and numbers as well as music files. Selectable text sizing allows the option to choose larger text or a higher quantity of text depending on user preference. Finally, to fine tune your music, the KDC-X895 has three 4.0 volt preamp outputs with low-pass and high-pass filtering on board.

Also in the lineup are eight other receivers which feature different playback options to maximize flexibility among users. The 2011 Kenwood eXcelon CD Receivers are all designed to provide great playback in any installation.