Kenwood XR Amps

Installation of Coaxial speakers can go one of two ways. Sometimes you’ll find that the hardest part of the installation is getting the door panels off and back on, and then it’s as simple as wiring up and bolting in a speaker. Then there are those other times. In these unfortunate circumstances you’ll find yourself fashioning different brackets and spacers to make a speaker fit into a space too small for it. Or you may just end up modifying the pre-existing factory brackets just to “make it work.” JVC Mobile knows the hardships for car audio speaker installations, and introduced a new coaxial speaker like to help alleviate any issues with speaker installations.

The newly introduced HX Series of speakers feature twin roll edge woofers that create less interference for the woofer projection, and provide increased amplitude. This makes for increased sound pressure, and less playback distortion. The speakers also have tweeter/midrange drivers that have been designed to be slimmer within the speaker structure. This configuration helps free-up space and creates a more suitable mounting option behind factory panel locations. More common speaker sizes, like the 6-1/2” model also features universal mounting-hole patterns for easier upgrading of OEM-type speakers.

The HX series of car speakers will come in different configurations with 2-way, 3-way and 4-way, and 5-way setups. Some speakers will come with shallow slim mounting designs for a more versatile installation. Simplicity with car audio is key, and having a flexible speaker like the HX series will make for a less cluttered installation job. If you ever find yourself questioning the space you have left in your doors for a new aftermarket speaker upgrade, you may want to take the guess-work out of the equation and just think of the JVC Mobile HX series of coaxial speakers.