Manufacturing a new line of audio equipment is always exciting to the industry, and JVC recently released their new Arsenal subwoofers featuring Kevlar Laminated Hemp-Fiber Cones and a 2-year warranty among many of their other redesigned features. The newly introduced Kevlar Laminated cone will allow for stronger, heavier reinforcement to compliment deeper and richer low frequency. A new for 2011 feature to their Arsenal subwoofers is the patented Rapid-Fire Impedance Selector, which will allow users to easily change the resistance rating of the subwoofers voice coil with a single motion switch.

The Arsenal lineup of subwoofers will feature 10 models. These subwoofers range in class and size from 10-15 inches. Also features are two new patent-pending technologies. First, the Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring will allow for more versatile mounting options for a much easier installation, and also provides a clean appearance by concealing the mounting screws. Also featured is the Dual Diametric Progressive Spider Woven Tinsel Lead which will allow for ultimate durability and longevity of your subwoofers life. Authorized dealers like SonicElectronix will have these subwoofers backed with a 2-year warranty to showcase their new technologies as well.

Each subwoofer in the lineup will also feature a protection circuit with a built-in fuse for extra protection against current overages that cause blown voice coils. These and other advanced technologies are incorporated into this newly introduced lineup to produce better sound, along with high performance and usability. Multi-directionally woven dampers correct the balance of the speaker, even with terminals concentrated on one side. The Eco-friendly Hemp Fiber reduces unwanted mid and high-frequencies in subwoofers, acting as a natural low pass filter. Internal loss is reduced within the speaker diaphragm for pure fidelity sound. JVC new subwoofers are sure to provide superior bass response and durability in the new 2011 line-up of arsenal subwoofers. When durability matters the most, JVC will come through with their new 2011 subwoofers.