Metra Electronics Online

Finding the information that you need to install a car stereo just got easier… a lot easier. Metra Electronics, a leader in the mobile 12-volt electronics industry, has released a new application for iPhones and Android based smartphones. The application is intended to make the installers life easier but allowing him or her complete access to the entire Metra database of vehicle information and compatible products. In the past, a Metra print application guide or a computer would be needed to look up the vehicle information. While this was the best way to get accurate information about a car, it wasn’t always the most convenient. Inevitably, the Metra guide would get lost, the Internet would go slow, there wouldn’t be a computer near-by, etc. It seemed like there was always something keeping us from finding out specific vehicle information. Metra has always supplied this information, but sometimes it wasn’t convenient to access. Metra is an installer company. They strive to be the installer’s choice and provide the most convenient products that retain premier quality. Now Metra has expanded that convenience on to the Smartphone. By downloading the Metra application, you will have the Metra site available in your pocket. Find the harness, car stereo dash kits, antennas, etc that any car needs. As updates are released in the future, you will be able to easily have access to the speaker sizes and locations of just about any vehicle in production. The app aims to be a complete vehicle fit guide that you carry with you wherever you go. While the large application guide might not always be the most convenient thing to carry around, Smartphone’s are much easier to carry in your pocket. So next time someone asks you what they need to install a car stereo in their car, you don’t have to guess anymore. Just whip out your Smartphone, open the Metra app, and find all the information that you need.