By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The bar has been raised. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you check out the JVC El Kameleon KD-AVX77. This head unit truly represents a new era in car stereo technology. Not many single-din head units boast a 5.4” ultra-widescreen monitor. Not only that, but this CD/MP3/DVD player is also unique in various other ways. The monitor can actually be separated into split screen mode, which allows you to check out album covers as you playback music. Further, the TFT panel screen is specially designed for wide viewing angles, which mitigates the impact of glare and reflection from sunlight.

As if that didn’t make this stereo cool enough, the touchscreen buttons fade away and disappear when they are not in use! This high-tech stealth mode gives this head unit a distinct and attractive design. Plus, without blocky buttons taking up space, nothing obstructs the view of the screen as you watch movies. No buttons mean a larger screen for watching movies! In fact, when playing a DVD, the screen expands to cover the entire face. Once you reach towards the head unit, the buttons will reappear and respond to touch. Besides all of that, given the electronic nature of the buttons, the key types, colors, and background design are all fully customizable to suite your taste.

Beyond looks, this head unit is extremely easy to use. Touchscreen controls operate the all of the stereo’s functions. There screen has excellent response time, and the screen is sensitive without being overly sensitive to accidental brushes of fingertips. You can use the touchscreen to dial phone numbers and operate all of the stereo’s built-in Bluetooth controls. Make and receive hands-free calls via your car speakers without installing any additional adapters or hideaway boxes.

If you’re like many car audio enthusiasts, iPod connectivity is a huge factor when selecting a head unit. Not to worry, as the JVC KD-AVX77 is definitely with the times, if not way ahead of its time. The built-in USB port facilitates iPod and iPhone connection, allowing you to control your music library through the head unit or the media player itself.  With this feature, you no longer have to mess around with CDs. If you still prefer CDs, you can store up to 12 CDs from your collection by adding the JVC CH-X1500 CD changer.

kthd300If you are looking to add Satellite or HD radio, this unit can be configured with the appropriate tuners and adapters. The JVC KT-HD300 HD radio tuner will make your FM stations sound CD quality and boost your AM stations quality to FM level. Whatever form of playback you use, the built-in 5.1 surround sound makes the entire production sound better. Passengers will love watching movies with theater quality surround sound.

This head unit features dual-zone technology, an absolute must if you have external monitors in the rear passenger area. Dual-zone technology allows you to listen to music up front while your backseat passengers enjoy a movie. You can even hook up wireless headphones so while the rear seat passengers tune in to their movie, you can listen to the ballgame up front.

This screen has a motorized, detachable face, allowing you to remove the faceplate when parked. This is a necessary and practical theft prevention measure for an absolutely stunning head unit. This head unit is sure to turn a few heads. As with any great trailblazing model, it will likely spawn many copycats within the industry.

Watch the video below to see the KD-AVX77 in action: