This is a step by step guide for wiring a dual 4 ohm subwoofer in parallel for a 2 ohm load. This technique is really quite simple but will make a big difference in terms of the power that your car subwoofer receives. For subwoofers that are 2-ohm steady, using this wiring technique will maximize the amount of power that your sub receives from your amplifier.

Required Tools
12 Gauge Speaker Wire
Wire Stripper/Crimper
Sub specific Screws
Power Drill
Soldering Kit
Subwoofer Installation
& Accessories

Step 1

Use a solder gun to attach 2 feet of 12 gauge speaker wire to the box terminals, which are located at back of the subwoofer enclosure. Using a solder gun will create a secure connection.

Step 2

Cut two lengths of negative wiring (black) and two strands of positive wiring; one 1-inch strand and one 2-inch strand. Use the 2″ wire to connect the subwoofer to the box terminal, and the 1″ wire to connect the subwoofer’s voice coil terminals together.

Step 3

Use the wire stripper or similar tool to strip off 1/8” to 1/4” of the wire insulation in order to expose the internal wire.

Step 4

Open the first negative terminal by pressing the top down to open the channel. Run the stripped end of the negative wire strand through the opening. Repeat this step with the first positive terminal and the first strand of positive wire.

Step 5

Open negative terminal by pressing the top. Run one of the stripped ends of the second negative wire through the opening, take the opposing end and run it through the second negative terminal.

Step 6

Open the first positive terminal and run one of the stripped ends of the second piece of positive wire through the opening. Take the opposite end and run it through the second positive terminal.

Step 7

Verify that all of your wiring is securely connected.

After the loaded subwoofer enclosure is securely mounted and connected to an amplifier, you are ready to rock. The parallel wiring configuration will give your subwoofer more RMS wattage from the amp.