Pioneer AVIC-X920BT

Media is a big part of everyone’s life. Car Stereo manufacturers are constantly looking for the best way to blend the rest of your media along with your in-dash receiver, which at times can be a tough task. With so many different methods of media storage and different preferences, manufacturers are certainly challenged every day to think of creative solutions so we can enjoy our in-dash car stereos even more. In 2010, some awesome features were ground-breaking enough for recognition as some of the best technologies introduced in 2010 for the car stereo.

Listening to radio is great, but what about Internet Radio that reworks the way we truly think of radio? Pandora is an internet radio service that plays music of any genre based on your genre taste, other artists, and feedback from the user. These self-tailored radio’s are a great way to ensure the music in your car is kept fresh and keeps your guessing, and will constantly play something that you would personally like. Pioneer and Alpine recognized this awesome service would be perfect for a car stereo environment and integrated a Pandora Link from an iPhone to allow you to playback your favorite Internet Radio station. This re-enhanced playback sounds better than streaming directly through the Auxiliary jack as it enhances the music specifically for Pandora, allowing for stunning clarity, and a user-friendly interface right on your stereo.

Another fascinating technology would be EcoRouting. This has been integrated into many Garmin GPS Devices, Kenwood In-Dash GPS Units, and Pioneer In-Dash GPS Units. This clever feature was released to help you, the driver, drive more economically sound and stable. EcoRouting monitors how quickly you’re accelerating and braking to see if you’re stop-and-go driving too sporadically. It also will occasionally update you with how economically sound your driving is, and lets you know if there is room for improvement (There usually is, believe it or not).

Another exciting car stereo technology was assistance with playlists. Car Stereos by Sony that have the SensMe feature can now have their car stereo create iPod playlists for them. This actually breaks down each song in your library based on the musical progression, and will categorize them by different moods. Pioneer’s MusicSphere technology is similar in this aspect and will also play music based on your mood! This Holiday Season find yourself a stereo with one of these breakthroughs to truly experience the diverse media that 2010 allowed us to take advantage of, right from your car!