Grace Digital Audio Stereos

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Grace Digital Audio systems provide you with an endless supply of music! As long as your Grace Digital Audio player is within a Wi-Fi zone, you can play songs from internet radio stations, podcasts, Pandora and the Music Genome Project. On top of that, you can also listen to SIRIUS satellite radio with the purchase of a subscription. Grace Digital Audio provide unparalleled accessibility to the top internet streaming music stations. Now you can enjoy a new music wherever there’s a wireless internet connection: poolside at the hotel, at the coffee house, or any other WiFi zone.

If you are looking for a desktop stereo, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR1000 offers all of your favorite online music options as well as both SIRIUS Satellite radio and HD radio. This stereo has one speaker rated at 5 watts, which is plenty of power to provide enough sound for your living room, kitchen, or backyard patio.  The 6 built-in presets allow you to find set it to fit any style of music, and you can also create a personal user setting to match your musical tastes. This stereo also comes standard with a built-in alarm clock, which you can program with 5 different settings and sleep timers.

If you want to plug in your iPod or other music devices, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR2000 is a great choice. This stereo has a built-in auxiliary input on the front, making it easy to connect an external audio player such as an iPod or iPhone. You can access internet stations by using the radio’s faceplate buttons or the handy remote control. Unlike the GDI0IR100, this remote control is included with the stereo. Both models can store “favorite” radio stations for future playback, and with the power of the internet, you can access radio stations from all over the world.

Both of the aforementioned models have only one speaker. The Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR3000 has TWO 3” speakers to project all of your favorite wireless internet radio stations. This stereo comes with a remote control for easy sound adjusting. The dual speaker model gives this stereo a more balanced sound output. Like the other two versions, you can use this stereo to listen to online broadcasting of news talk, sports talk, music stations, or any other streaming online audio that you are interested in listening to. With so many stations to choose from, the programming is always fresh. All in all, this stereo is like a Bose system wired to the internet!