Horntones - Give you ride a voice

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Is your stock horn not cutting it anymore?  Does the horn from the factory not get as loud as you need?  Maybe you are just bored with the standard horn that sounds like every other car on the road.  For those that fit any of the above situations, Horntones is going to sound like a product made just for you!  Imagine your car’s horn being able to say whatever you want and play whatever you want with the push of a button.  This can now become a reality with the latest craze for under the hood.  This is Horntones!

The Horntones FX-550 is the easiest way to add character to your ride.  The installation is fairly simple, although professional installation is recommended.  Once the installation is complete, you will be on your way to full control of your cars horn.  The real benefit behind horntones is the ability to play digital MP3 files through a horn speaker that play loud and clear.  It comes preinstalled with some tones, however the user can easily upload any MP3 file that they have on their computer.  If that’s not enough, the horntones website has various tones that can be downloaded.  The loud horn reaches 110+ dB, which is perfect for letting all the cars on the road know you are coming.

Some of the fun examples of what you can do with the Horntone system include pranking your friends, scaring cows (with the “moooo” cow ringtone), uploading your favorite song, and making your vehicle “talk” through the horn speaker.  The possibilities are literally endless.  Whether you have to have the coolest car on the block or you are just looking for something unique for your car, the Horntones system is perfect for you.