Pioneer AVH-P5200DVD

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

If you are like me, you are a “have it all” type of guy.   And when it comes to installing an aftermarket audio system, you need to make sure that you have the best products and you get them for the best price.   When you saw the current 2010 models of Pioneer AVH Audio/Video receivers (such as the Pioneer AVH-P5200DVD) get released, they seemed like the perfect media center for your car.  However, they were missing one major feature that prevented a lot of people from purchasing these advanced units.  They featured a bright and clear display.  Impressive audio processors and equalizer systems were built-in.  The bipod capabilities were smooth and integration was seamless.  Yet, they lacked GPS navigation.

With the Pioneer AVIC-U220, this problem has been fixed and the loyal Pioneer Electronics fans can breathe again.  This add-on module allows GPS navigation to be added to the Pioneer AVH car stereos for full and complete navigation.  The module attached directly to the rear of the stereo and can be mounted anywhere in the car.  It has a GPS antenna that can be mounted on the roof of the car and receives all the data from the satellites.   The Pioneer navigation system includes 12 million POIs (Points of Interest) that will lead you to local restaurants, banks, gas stations, and other popular locations.  Voice prompt and turn-by-turn guidance will make this module the driver’s best friend, while ensuring the eyes stay on the road and the hands on the steering while.  When future maps are available, the SD Card slot and USB input are easily accessible for quick updates.  One of the most impressive things about the Pioneer AVIC-U220 is the use of AVIC Feeds to log driving data, optimize fuel efficiency, upload personal points of interest, and other features.  Now, you and music lovers everywhere can have top-notch audio quality and the latest GPS navigation system!