<br /> RE Audio by US Amps

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that have been around the car audio scene for a while, you will recognize the names US Amps and RE Audio.  Sonic Electronix is now proud to be an authorized internet dealer for RE Audio.  Ask anyone who has used a product with the RE Audio logo and they will tell you of the excellent build quality and breath-taking performance.  As one of the few internet dealers that are fully authorized to sell the products, Sonic Electronix is able to provide these exceptional products at the Sonic prices that we have all grown to love.

But what if you have never heard of RE Audio before?  Now is the opportunity to learn a little bit about a high-end audio company.  RE Audio offers products that are well built and always perform the way they are supposed to.  They specialize in the creation of car amplifiers, car subwoofers, speakers, as well as sound signal processors.  Of all the products that they manufacture, they are most famous for their high performance car subwoofers.  Some of their more entry level subwoofers, such as the REX series and the SRX series provide an excellent opportunity for someone that is just entering into the world of aftermarket car audio to get a quality subwoofer with deep bass.  Some of the higher end RE Audio subwoofers include the SXX series and the enormous XXX series.  Each subwoofer from RE Audio is designed and engineered with precision to ensure that the best possible bass is reproduced.

The RE Audio amplifiers are another important part of the company.  Working hand-in-hand with U.S. Amps, RE Audio offers some of the most efficient and powerful amplifiers for the money.  The XT V2 series of amplifier has Class DE circuitry and available in a boneblack, 2-channel, and 4-channel configuration.  The VLX series also uses Class DE technology for an efficient full range amplifier that is stable to 1 ohm.  Overall, RE Audio is a company that is ready to upgrade your car audio system to premier audio.